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Crushing spins on ACR

    • Leadnuts
      Joined: 14.06.2016 Posts: 3

      I'm 30, been playing a few years mostly just donking around. beat 25NL on FullTilt back in the day then moved to 9-man hypers when they first came out. they were fun and full of action so it attracted the right kind of players. Totally different than what I was use to coming up the cash game ranks, I mean 6-max wasn't that popular back then so I played FR cash. quite the different game. luckily I had Sit N Go wizard for the free trail and I learned as much as I could in that amount of time. black Friday showed up about that time and I began playing live at my local dogtrack. ive played many times, lots of live poker but I could never keep my life roll and poker roll separate. started online a couple years back again on bovada, mostly played PLO as it was the softest game you could find up to 200PLO. did well there but always taking shots at higher stakes, I played on a 10 buyin bankroll moving up and down daily as it really doesn't matter because they can track you so no one knows but me. the mental aspect of such swings are the real killer. they take a toll when on Monday your playing 200PLO and by Friday your down to 50PLO. if I had 2k I took a shot at 10/20 PLO when it ran as its the largest stake they offer. I lost 6 times there. its borderline disgusting as most were nut w/ redraw vs. nut w/redraw. finally I gave that up. moved to ACR and played a little of everything. cash,SNG,MTT. no real success, did well at HU hypers until I started sharkscoping players at higher levels. if there ROI was less than -5% I would sit. I ended up blowing all my profits + rakeback from my cash game winnings on one villain. he was -16% ROI over a 4k sample. ( something really close to that, I don't remember the exact numbers as it was awhile ago) dumped 10BIs to him at the 100s. cashed out and took a break.

      Recently I came back to play cash and its soooo reg infested. I mean if a weaker player sits, its like a feeding frenzy then they leave. I played about 20k hands and was negative on EV and earnings. so I played some SNGs and did decent but it still seemed reggy. with my last bit of bankroll I figured why not give these jackpot things a shot. boom...theres all the players I remember from sngs and cash. playing these god awful 3 handed lottery crap shoots. wtf...played a couple hundred games and was -500 chips. haha 200+games and I'm down 500 chips. my EV was up 6,5k though. that's pretty interesting, let me see what I can find out about these jackpots. a few hours later I was convinced these were definitely beatable. especially after the plays I saw in those 200 games. open-shoving 86s @ 18BBs on the BTN? calling a SB shove on the first hand with Q4s? I was like man this is going to be a brutal game. extremely high variance but probably well worth it at the end.

      Here is my graph of the first 205 games I played.

      I busted the rest of my roll after that playing a rebuy tourney. ( i only started with $100, wasn't "trying" to follow a bankroll plan. Just play some games and Gambolll, lol)
      after that i decided to study those jackpot games. i went through my HH's and used CREV and ICMizer as much as i could, along with videos and articles. after about a week of studying i decided to buy ICMizer, $99 for 6 months. i thought if its going to help my game as much as i think it will it will be well worth that hundo.

      June, 6th i made a deposit of $200. ( 100 buyins @ $2 games)
      The Plan:
      Play 500 games/ week
      Review all non-standard preflop all-ins ( 88 in sb with 5 bbs is standard shove, this doesn't need to be checked)
      answer all 120 questions in SNG coach twice a week. ( the first week i did 480 questions, top 7% for spins overall woot! woot! lol)
      move up to $10 level when i have $1k in my account AND a ChipEV ROI of at least 5%

      Week 1: June,6th - June, 12th
      484 games
      Rake = $43.56
      Rakeback= $11.76
      Profit = ?? idk i try not to keep track as I'm sure it can be tilting. lol

      Week 2: June, 13th - June, 19th
      475 games
      Rake = $42.75
      Rakeback = $11.54
      Profit = ??

      Overall Graph since First Jackpot played:

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