Hi from UK!

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    • Wazzza16
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      Hi Welcomee:f_drink:
    • metalmonkey80
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      Hello Daniel,

      Welcome to PokerStrategy.com :f_thumbsup:

      What ever your skill level Poker Strategy has lots of great articles and forums to help make you make the most of your game.
      You should add yourself to our Member map. You never know, the nearest PokerStrategist may live right next door. :f_p:
      What games and limits do you play? We should be able to link you to some strategy and/or videos specific to what you play.
      Many members also have there own blogs to help them track there progress and experiences, for example a good place to visit is the 'Learning to win' forum found here

      If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.
      Good luck at the tables.


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      Originally posted by DanielMark
      Hi friends!
      My name is Daniel and I live in London, UK. Actually at the moment i'm in States :D
      So I just want to say Hi!
      hows it going mate...are you an online player