I wonder,I wonder.....

    • ivailo00
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      Hi guys,I wonder If its still worth pursuing making a living from Pokerstars.I started playin couple of months ago and managed to beat the micros with 3 4bb/100 over a 100k sample,but when I watch ppl before 2012,its seems sooooooo much easier and the tables full of ppl,that have no idea what is this game.Since I live in Bulgaria and no other poker site are legal here(maybe BET365 soon,but not sure),I dont have options for softer sites.
      It would be nicee If I can see ppl's opinions and how are they doing.
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    • JustinDejong
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      actually its taff. Sometimes the preflop 3 beting and 4 beting action on NL 10 feels like nl 2/4 back in 2010.....but obviosly the postflop skill of people is still bad on the lower limits.

      If u live in bulgaria i think its possible to make a living from NL25, which is doable. But to be completely honest, u wont get rich and its hard hard work, i wouldn t recomend it and it has no future at all. Make some money if ur studying or in the evening yeah, but as a fulltime job, longterm thinking, no.