Finally scored in an MTT, placing 4th of 1161 in a $3 rebuy, 8k guarantee, for $719.31. Instead of being sucked out on, I did the sucking out for a change. Got seriously lucky four times.

All less than 10BB.
Pushed A7 into AK, turned a 7.
Pushed AJs into KK, flopped an Ace.
When already in the money:
Pushed 55 into the BB AA, rivered a 5.
Pushed AQs over BU stealraise, he showed KK, flopped an Ace.

Made a nice change, but I can understand how my opponents would have felt.

Next day, I entered a SH PLHE tournement by mistake, thought it was something else. Never having played PL before, and SH at that, I was all at sea. My computer cracked up as well, so I was off the air for around 40 minutes, and came back with only 12 BB left. So I pushed my best hands, and got called by donkeys, and ended up well in the money. Finally pushed 88 over a steal, who called and showed AQ, and no luck there. But another $47.37 for 28th place, which is a whole lot of fun.