Can't seem to get my mojo back

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      This is a general moan rather than a request for help.

      A few months ago I went to NL 0.05/0.10 Euro tables. I know its isn't much of a jump from the 0.01/0.02 Euro tables but hey I am just a beginner. Over the last year on the lowest tables I never had a loosing month and my bankroll went from £50 to £150 which was a slow process but I was happy.

      As soon as I started on the 0.05/0.10 tables I started doing well and then lost a couple of AA and KK all-in's - After than I started to be very cautious and at the end of the month I was down £25.

      I am quite disciplined and went back onto the lower tables to rebuild my bankroll....Unfortunately I have not had a winning month since. I am getting pushed off hands when I am winning and going all the way with the 2nd best hand....I am zigging when I should zag essentially.

      I re-read Harrington 6 handed NL this week and feel a lot better, yesterday I played for 3 hours and made one/two stupid mistake by overvaluing my KK on the river and then again calling a AI river bet with TPTK against a really loose player who had two pair (my fault for over inflating the pot on the turn, when he hit his second pair).

      So, feeling positive again now and although I am still loosing. My decisions are better and I have even started playing the 0.05/0.10 tables again and seem to be surviving a little better.
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