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VIP level gold vs VIP level platin

    • JustinDejong
      Joined: 08.11.2006 Posts: 713
      Hello there,

      so actually the amount of VPPS i make a month is almost exactly the amount i need to finish gold status and jump into platin (right now im half way through step 29).

      On gold status u have a rakeback between 18-25%, if i finish all 30 steps from goldstar, i will have 25 % as far is i understand (the difference comes from the fact that different steps give different amounts of coins, so only if you complete all the "big steps" with 2500 starcoins, u will have the 25%) So if i m right, I will end of this month end up with 25 % rakeback as soon as i finished all 30 steps (which will happen tomorrow probably)

      On platin status u have a rakeback between 22-25%, i will defenitely not be able to finish als steps from platinstatus since it requires way more vpps to do so then i will earn. So i will end up with something between 22-25 % probably right in the middle i guess 23 or 24 at best.

      So in the end i get punished for reaching platin level if i got everything correct.
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    • Konkronus
      Joined: 23.03.2015 Posts: 678
      You can find a table of all the VIP Steps (and their SC Value) here:

      You get 33875 SC for completing every Gold Star Level. If you want to stay Gold Star you get at max 50% of the last level which results in 32125 SC. You earned 7500 VPP during this time which would be 15 Platinum Levels.

      For the first 15 Platinum Levels you get 34250 SC.

      So no, you don't get punished for reaching Platinum Star as long as you reach the 7500 SC mark.