Hi guys. My name is Viesturs and I am from Latvia, Riga. This year biggest music festival in Baltic- "Postivivus" is celebrating 10th anniversary and it also happens then me and my girlfriend Kinta are celebrating our 6th anniversary because we both met there. It is actually quite funny story, me and my buddy were having good time and it was already midnight, we went back to tent camp to have some more drinks (after more then few already) and suddenly some random chick shows up and try's to convince us to buy kebab from food truck next to us. My buddy is not hungry but I am mostly always hungry and fall in this trap. Kebab was pretty good and we start to talk, she told me that she was volunteering in Nigeria recently but I had a tell on her and so I quickly called her bluff by asking "What's" the capital of Nigeria?" :f_biggrin: . She smiled and told me that her and her friends decided to tell random bullsh#it to people to make things more interesting. After that we had a good time together and started to go out soon after festival. After that we celebrated all but our 5th anniversary in "Positivus" (On our 5th anniversary I surprised her with hiking tour along the sea.). "Positivus" brings good memory's and we always are excited to go there.
I would appreciate it greatly if you could support us with your vote. Competition is fierce and there is still 2 days left for voting. Go to this link and vote with your FB profile:


(you should see picture with me and my girlfriend holding cake from our second anniversary in tent camp, I have black hipster glasses and funny quite drunk face expression :f_drink:

Festival takes place in Latvia, Salacgriva from 15th to 17th of July. Festival line up is impressive ( Ellie Goulding, John Newman, Hot Chip, M83., Years&Years and Iggy Pop! (very excited for this one)


If some of you happens to be there contact me and have some beers with us :f_cool: :f_drink: