Comeback time!

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      Hi guys,

      I'm Samni, 28 y/o from Belgium. Around 9 years ago I got into poker and managed to beat (or at least BE) the midstakes MTT's on a fairly decent sample. The only problem was my mindset and the downswing got the best of me. A bad live-poker experience made me quit at that point.

      2 months ago, I decided to play a little bit again, just for fun but I got instantly hooked again :) I deposited 25$ and worked it up again up to 500-ish. The one problem was the fact that I was on a upswing. Now swinging bit down again and my roll is at around 200 now. Time to put some effort into studying again and that's why I came back to PokerStrategy.

      Posting on the English forum (instead of the Dutch one) because this one is way more active at this point and I have a feeling that I will get more interaction here than on the Dutch forum. That being said, I have to apologize in advance if I make some spelling / grammar errors :)

      I mainly play 45/180 mans (non turbo's if I have the time) and MTT's. I'll try to contribute as much as I can, post hands and things like that and who knows, in time, I might restart a blog :)

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