Mansion is really the worse poker site.. We cant change our password

    • phullhand
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      I don't know how many of us knew it.. so I decided to post here that we can't change our passwords at Mansion, can you believe that? If you want to change your password you have to ask to someone of their support reps, and give to them the new password.

      I decide to change my password for the first time today, after I receive a strange e-mail from Moneybookers asking to confirm "my" new account that, of course, I didn't asked.

      So after search for a few minutes where I could change my password, I decided to ask for support help, because I couldn't find it.. and for my surprise it doesn't exist..

      It's just me, or you will trust your new password to a support rep???

      I'm so happy I already cashed out almost entire bankroll from there..

      Best regards
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    • TetraQuark
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      hehe guess if they are the support ... they can probably see into your acc without your pass :D
      otherwise that is prolly a security action...
    • phullhand
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      I have no problem if they could see my account...
      But if they (or any other site) could see my password, that will be a huge problem.

      For example, do you think if you call to your phone bank their reps could view your acct password? Sure not. At the poker site should be the same, after all you have money there, right?
    • Gafny
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      i remember this when i wanted to change mine i just x'ed the chat... later i asked again and now the supporter tells me that he cant decide my new pass but only request a new, random password that will be emailed to me? creepy
    • doshiindia
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      Agree on mansion being the worst poker site. Here's what happened today

      Conversation with the online support:

      Me: I can't login to my account. I was playing at the tables when the software suddenly stopped allowing me to rebuy. I can't log in after restarting the software anymore.

      Louise (Mansion support):
      Please accept our apologies but our systems are currently down so you can't login to your account.

      - - - - -

      How comes? I'm also missing a few bucks that weren't transfered to my account after leaving the open tables. I'm playing poker for several years and I've never seen anything like this to happen until I joined mansion just TODAY!