€15,000 Sit & Go Battle

This July Unibet are hosting a Sit & Go Battle, and to come out on top you’ll have to have some skill mixed in with a bit of luck.

Simply earn points by completing various achievements in Sit & Go tournaments and win cash prizes by ranking in our 4 weekly leaderboards.

How do I earn points?

You can earn points across all stakes at 2 Seat and 5 Seat SNG tables. A multiplier will be applied to your points depending on the stake you earn achievements at, and certain achievements can be completed once per day, once per race or an unlimited number of times.

The following tables show a full breakdown of how points are earned:

The following multipliers will also be applied to each Unlimited Frequency achievement you earn:

What can I win?

We will run a total of 4 weekly leaderboards throughout July.

Each €3,000 leaderboard will award the following prizes to the top 100 players:

The final €6,000 leaderboard will award the following prizes to the top 150 players:

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