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    • jesse9533
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      for the 50 + 100 capital, how do we get the 100... i think i remember reading somewhere (but i cant find it anymore) that you have to earn 300 points and then you start receiving it in 10$ portions twice a week. if i am right about the points is it strategy points we need or the poker software points(i have titan points) and also i read that we have to leave at least 2$ in our accounts or you don't get the extra 100... but for my account i have it in Canadian currency... do i have to leave at least 2$ American or 2$ of what our currency is.

      the reason i ask about the 2$ is because i was doing great at first won first place a couple times but then i started losing and i kept buying into higher buy ins to get the money back and now my bank account is pretty low lol next time i get money ill be patient or stop playing for the day if im losing too much
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    • EagleStar88
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      Titan criteria for the bonus dollars used to be 600 points clears $5(u.s.).

      Not sure if this has changed though following their recent change in VIP set up.

      Can't say I've heard about the $2 rule, but as long as your careful, hopefully won't get to that stage :)

      Hope this helps,

    • Chiller3k
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      Hi jesse9533,

      After you have received the $50 starting capital on Titan Poker you can earn the $100 bonus (so you can clear both bonuses parallel). You will receive $10 of the bonus for every $35 in rake that you produce.

      You have 3 months time, from the moment that you receive the starting capital, to clear the entire $100 bonus. If you haven't cleared the entire bonus by the end of 3 months, whatever remains of it will expire.

      Best regards,