We just got ITM of the Mosh pit. Then during the course of a hand, it would randomly freeze, taking up to 20min to finish the hand and go to the next. This happened several times. Eventually, everybody was so short, that it became a big all-in party. Before the incident I was second in chips, and by the time I had the chance to "play" again, I barely had a couple of BB.

This happened more than 2 months ago, and after way too many emails send to 24h I decided to give up. They keep telling me "to be patient" and "we understand how frustrating this might be", but I find this unacceptable. An incident like this should be solved within a week, and yet they keep turning a blind eye to my demands. Specially when this affected 25 other players, I can´t come up with a reason of why they would not be able to fix such a simple issue.

I am not sure if someone in PS can do anything about it, but at least I feel like I should inform the community about this negligence. This costed my several hundred dollars in equity, and probably even more in wasted time and effort trying to communicate with the 24h poker support.

After this experience I do not consider that my money is safe at 24h poker, so I stopped completely my play on the site.