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    • samni
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      I'm reviewing hands and I think this is a nice tool to construct pushing / calling ranges when ppl are short (which is often in my maingame, 45 mans).


      1. PreFT, if I put the payout structure to winner takes all (100%), is it calculating cEV then?
      2. The stacks you need to enter, are those the stacks BEFORE posting blinds and antes? i.e: you have a 5k stack in the bb with a 100bb and 20 ante, do I put in 5000 or 4880? Doens't seem so but in the blinds the bottom of your range may differ a few hands so it has some importance.

      Other things I really need to take in account? What can you do with the real program?
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    • SDK1987
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      Hello Samni

      1. Is yes. Than it is a winner take all structure. So there isn’t ICM involved in the pushing ranges.
      2. I always use the entire stack before posting the antes in blinds. So in this example I would use 5.000.

      If you use the HRC software you can also take the re-shove ranges in to a count if for example someone raised to 2bb and you want to know what I can shove if I have a 10bb stack for example.

      I expect this is clear enough, but if you have more questions don’t hesitate to ask them.

      Best regards,