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Homer's Microstakes Grind

    • homerjunior
      Joined: 09.10.2015 Posts: 8
      Hello I am Homer and I am very new to poker, I first played 2 years ago but only a handful of times until recently, I just never had the time to dedicate to it. In May I put a tiny bit of volume into SNG/MTT/6max, I did well in the SnG's over a 500 tournament sample and quite predictably lost a fair bit in the MTT's, I spent the last 2 weeks of May playing Zoom/6max 2nl on Stars, I did well in 6max and got crushed in Zoom over a sample not worth mentioning, life got in the way through June but I am back in action and ready to make myself accountable now.

      I will post a graph of my first 14k hands below, you can see very clearly when I came back at the start of July (8k Hand Mark luckily I had some rungood suckouts to ease the pain), I did not play through June but continued to study. I gained to much information and could not put anyone on reads and kept thinking everyone was bluffing, I had also been watching a lot of high stakes poker, consciously I separate it completely from my game its just entertainment, but who knows maybe it seeped in.

      In the last few thousand hands I have been focusing on not being so aggressive on the turn/river, I believe over committing to bluffs and bluffing fish are my biggest leaks at this point in time, I have also slightly calmed down on the flop C-bets, but sometimes it feels like I should just sit back, play my opening range, C-bet 100% of flops, continue if I hit, fold if I don't, its clearly not optimal and I am obviously expanding my game beyond that, but I do wonder if you could beat 2nl with that strategy albeit slowly.

      I am 24 and live in Australia, I am self employed and practice BJJ 4-6 days a week, I don't have many hobbies and usually engross myself in the few things I love, I plan to start with 4 hours of Poker/1 Hour study per day to ease into it and avoid any burnout, but my end goal is 4-6 hours play/2-3 hours study per day, the pipe dream is to make $600 USD monthly I am still in a state of unconscious incompetence when it comes to poker and have no clue if that sounds insane or reasonable, but its nice to have something to reach for but it very well may change when I learn more.

      I will be purchasing 1 hour of coaching per month, although I may invest more in it after a few sessions if it gives me as much value as people say a good coach can, I have many ideas on how I am going to move forward that I am writing down and plan to discuss during my coaching session, at which point I will update this blog with weekly and monthly goals, I plan to update this blog weekly on a Monday (Australian Monday).

      I hope you all enjoy my journey :)

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