Suppose you raised preflop and a player calls so that you are now out of position against that player. A correct strategy if you hit a medium strength hand on the flop is not to inflate the pot to much, since you have the disadvantage of being out of position. Suppose however that you hit a drawing hand on the flop such as flush-draw with atleast one overcard. Obvoiusly one should often c-bet here. But if we consider the bet-sizes, what is the appropiate bet-size?

One could argue that betting 1/2-pot is good since it doesn't inflate the pot to much and you are out of position. But at the same time betting bigger like 1-pot might be good also because you rather want the opponent to fold so you don't need to play this hand any further having the disadvantage of being out of position. What is the right logic here, how should I size my flop-bet when playing a drawing hand out of position when I was the preflop agressor? Betting bigger seems to follow the same logic that I should re-raise bigger preflop when being out of position as well.