SnG 180 turbo HUD

    • StruxXx
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      Good day grinders! :)

      I'm a cash player who's willing to take a shot at SnG. I have a decent HUD for cash games but none for SnGs and Im in a search for one.

      Did any1 posted some good HUDs to download on forum? What should I be looking for if I decide to create my own hud. Any tips and advices would be usefull.

      Thanks in advance & happy grinding! :)
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    • SDK1987
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      First of all I have moved the thread to the tournament section, because there are more 180 player SNG members active.

      I’m not too familiar if there are good Huds posted already, but I would pretty much use the standard stats like VPIP, PFR, 3bet%, fold to 3bet%, Steal%, fold to steal%, Flop Cbet% and Flop fold to Cbet%. I think this is more than enough if you just started playing this format.

      If you have more questions about it don’t hesitate to ask them.

      Best regards,
    • tuoast
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      Fold flop to cbet is disaster, it need thousands hands. Fold to 3- bet is similar.
    • samni
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      180 men basically nerds some stats so you can get a feel if someone is a regular or not, if someone is likely to spew his stack off or not. My tournament hud looks like this:
      For these sng's this is more then enough as 99% of your decisions are standard and it will involve mostly pushing and folding.