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      Hello, everybody!
      My name is Nicholas!
      I made this blog because I want to learn play poker very well and become a crusher.
      I have a very good coach that help me to improve, work hard with me and make me a winner player with profits more then 3K $ in a month. I will not tell his name yet, I will do this after I reach 3K $ target! I will let to be a suprise!:D :D :D
      In this moment I play NL20 , my BR is 1629 euros.
      I wiil not write to much because my english is not so good, yet! But, I will post approximately every day number of hands played and BR! If you want to correct me and help me to improve more are my guest.:)

      I post the graf for the last ~ 100K hands to see where is my poker level in this moment and remeber everybody, after I become a crusher , IF I CAN YOU CAN TOO if you have a great coach like mine!:f_love:
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