is it a sin?!

    • aceonetheriver
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      last night like evrynight, i turned my pc and start playin, of course after i checked that no one is in the house..bcuz i can't focus ! so i start 2 play , 4 tables 1.10$ double or nothing at pokerstars, 10 mins later, my gf shows up ! and i'm in deep shit..she saw playin..she started her bullshit !

      she said poker is not an honest way to earn money, and it's a sin, and i'm goin 2 hell !!!!! :spade: :spade: :spade:

      ok what da f1ck ! all we are goin 2 hell haha ! :D ...i tried to explain to her it's not gambling, it's not luck, it's like math ...and u have to call or fold ;) but she didn't understand anything! i'm lost here, she left..and today i called her...and she said, poker is unchristian ! and it's from the devil! ... :(

      and i can't stop playin :) ) i just need a good reason to tell her that it's not a fck1n sin ! X(

      help anyone!! ?
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    • Vargan
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      She sounds very religious. You should respect that.
      But she should also respect your hobbies.

      You have to figure this out on your own. :)

      (TAF your girlfriend.)
    • aceonetheriver
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      TAF MY GF ! do u want her to fckin kill me !! lol

      great idea ! hahayy i will do it now !!
    • riv3rd4ncer
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      i'm pretty sure it's only a sin when playing strip poker.
      where does she think the "jesus fish" comes from?? Surely, JC must have been a player...

      seriously; she does sound like a devote christian (going to hell, it's from the devil...)
      do you share those beliefs?
      it seems the problem isn't luck or skill, but rather the unchristian act of taking money from others?

      what if you were to explain there is no luck or skill. only the best of possible worlds as god created and intended it to be. it's his will whether you win or lose, so your profit must indicate his approval?
      don't know if that makes any sense. not religious myself so i don't understand how such "logic" works, but if you throw in the argument that you'll have more money = more free time = more time to devote to the Lord, i can't imagine her not falling for it
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      run away. fast. it will not get better.
    • GunFlavoured
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      Originally posted by riv3rd4ncer
      not religious myself so i don't understand how such "logic" works,
      Logic has no place in religion! Just tell her its a game of skill and its kinda like you playing a sport, if your better than your opponent you will usually win. TAF her as well. Either way its a losing argument, I doubt many non poker players will ever understand.
    • aceonetheriver
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      ya! i'm christian, but i'm not crazy ! i know that God is love and these wonderfull things..i just don't understand how playin poker is against God will !

      in the end, i'm not stealing ( even sometimes i do steal the blinds lol :P ) but seriously, it would be a sin, but as if it's pure poker, which mean me and the other playes invested our money in it with our freewill ! ..then in this case, it's not a hobby, it's not a sport, it's a job ! a sick job lol but still it's not a sin!

      i'm gonna see her tomorow..and sh1t ! she's going to start with all these devil stuf...and i have no idea what to say :( :( :(

      i just want to share this with u all, cuz here i'm sure everyone will undersatnd this sick situation...
    • TTT241
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      Barry Greenstein is unique to professional poker. He donates a large amount of his tournament winnings to charities, primarily children's charities. His style of ....
      May be you can show her his profile... I think he is also divorced.. so not 100% best example, but first the came to my mind ;) .

    • viewer88
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      buy her something pretty? :tongue:
    • jonnyjm
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      If you carnt accept you for who you are and what you do...

      well then thats not much of a foundation for a relationship (in my eyes)

      I have an ex who i went out with for 3years, after the first year all she would do would be nag nag nag "you carnt do this" "i dont like it when you do that" blah blah blah....nedless to say i cut myself free.

      Tell her that you are diffrent people so there for have diffrent view...but also chuck in something about focusing on things you have in comon not thing that you dont!
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      i think playing $1 double or nothing sngs actually IS a sin.
    • drachdudek
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      interesting post :D , i had similar problem..i think you have to talk with her honestly and explain to her what is all about in details, if she is smart, she will understand, if she is not, then let it be...if you love her a lot, the maybe is better to leave poker my case i left her and i am happy now, with a new girlfriend which is smarter and she understand, not only poker, but also my life in is all about understanding and adopting to eachothers needs...good lucj with solving your problem
    • NightFrostaSS
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      Ammm,,, i think that church considers cards being a creation of devil, so yeah, playing poker is a sin. :) But come on, it's stupid. :rolleyes:
    • Dragar
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      Originally posted by Kruppe
      i think playing $1 double or nothing sngs actually IS a sin.
      hahaha so true :)
    • MiddleMan
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      lol :D

      /Sorry, for my english, hope you will understand/

      That is why i hate religion. :) No offence m8. i respect everyones beliefs.

      As someone already said - there is no logic in religion, so there is no point in arguing.
      There are few ways you could put it:
      1) Money is fiction. Money by definition is worthless, its nothing. Only thing give it value it has. So there is no honest or ishonest way of getting it. Except for stealing, since you are taking something from ithers without them agreeing. If she accepts money as value in itselfe, then in my opinion, she is going to hell. :)
      2) Is there a passage in bible, where God, JC or anyone says something about games at all? (I am not an expert on religion)
      3) You are not playing poker to earn money. You are playing because of the game. And you are not taking that money, you are just playing for it.
      (until you are not making your living out of poker).

      Maybe you should go to the church, and talk to the priest? :) Maybe he has some explenation about card games.
    • Drakhor
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      What a freak... :rolleyes:

      I'm sure you have lots of fun with her. :tongue:

      But hey, think about it this way: If you do end up in hell, you can play against the likes of Vickie Coren, Isabelle Mercier, Clonie Gowen... now if that is not an incentive for "sinning", I don't know what is. ;)
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      What's her opinion on premarital sex, if she's so religious? I think that the answer to this question is the key to what you should do :D
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      how boring is she?
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