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Cash game : From 500$ to 50000$

    • BetForALivin
      Joined: 18.07.2016 Posts: 2
      I used to play poker years ago and stoped for the most part.
      I did a lot of soul searching and decided to go to university in computer science in september and more importantly (at least for the purpose of this blog) I want to do a huge life gamble that will be explained later in that post and get back into poker 100% serious mode. Ive thought about it for a while and decided to get into poker from NL10 with a little 500$ and get to NL1000 with 50 000$ in ~20months

      Now the more interesting part which could easily be the worst decision of my life :

      If we put the 500$BR and the university's first session fees aside, I've currently only 3000$ worth of savings and decided to take a huge gamble and NOT work at all during my grinding. No income whatsoever. I'm even willing to use my credit cards and go deep if needed. It will probably be at least a little needed. I don't want to waste precious potential poker time working. I did cut all extra spending (no monthly fees except rent, food and internet). I'm a very simple guy i don't cost anything; as long as I eat properly which mean good and healthy food, I'm happy.

      I realize this could end up in a major trainwreck but I wanna take this gamble. I've only 1 life and I don't have time to play it safe. Go big or go home baby! :f_drink: I'm not a complete fool either; if I'm still stuck at nl10 and the debt start getting out of control I'll stop.

      I will have weekly objectives from july 25th onward. I've important things to take care of this week before I can truly begin grinding. Even the last week of july will be slower the true gring starts in august.

      What I expect is 6-8hours/day of cashgame monday-friday on Pokerstars, mtt all sunday on 888 poker and maybe 5 poker video (TV poker or strategy) a week especially high stakes poker. There's something magical about this show I swear I'm never tired of watching and rewatching.
      I will stream on occasions, esp the tourney day.
      If it's going very well I'll gamble tiny amounts in the casino and prob stream it
      Go at nl25 when i reach 800$

      I'll post hands and my thoughts as I go

      Tell me what you think!
      See you guys at the tables ! :f_p:

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