Addicted to Poker

    • TsarofAces
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      Hey guys,

      Could you please share some advice/techniques on how to control the urge to play Poker. Is it better to have some sort of daily schedule or is a weekly schedule better? Or should I just play every time I feel like it?

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    • cannell555
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      Hey TsarofAces,

      I've never had a schedule, but I know alot that do. A schedule is only good if you can keep to it. If you think theres an addiction, then you probably won't stick to a schedule.

      I found myself playing far to much in periods towards the end of last year. So to prevent myself ever getting the "need" to play poker, I started my old training plan. So I now spend an hour in the gym every night, right in the middle of when I used to play poker. By the time I finish in the gym and get refreshed, I am no longer in the mood to do anything but relax.

      I have never been addicted to anything, but can imagine it to be hard to stick to a schedule. Maybe find another hobby or interest to break up your game play.

      Best regards,