full tilt tendency

    • Mikeyza
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      Hi guys
      Dunno if im being a bit paranoid or just having rotten luck on full tilt.
      I used to play a lot of tournament and SNgs on full tilt and noticed a tendency that the big stacks tend to win a lot of pots in all situations with inferior pre flop hands.I play a tight aggresive game and dont know if i should change my style now or am just having bad luck or leaving full tilt.It only seams to happen there.Last night a guy raises with 33 under the gun,i reraise all in with kk.And he flops a set.We were down to 200 people out of 750 then blinds were getting big.This isnt the only case i can name many such situtations but dont wanna waste your time.Anybody else notice these trends or am i paranoid?
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