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SSS on higher limits [PokerStars]

    • goren123
      Joined: 21.11.2008 Posts: 25
      I've been playing SSS on pokerstars for about a month and a half and things have been going well.
      I had been playing it on NL25 a lot and it seems to be working very good there.
      I've tried to climb a bit up to NL50 after reaching a bankroll of about 380$.
      At first, it worked pretty good (might be lucky, might not). I've reached about 470$ and then I had huge losses (not at once - that took some time and thousands of hands).
      It's important to say that I wasn't tilt at all, I've played the exact same SSS that I was playing at NL25. I play at a lot of tables at once (12-16) so I don't care about losing any hand, as long as I know that I will make a profit for the long run.
      I went down to about 200$ and decided to go back to NL25. I've playing it since then and, easily, went back to about 450$ (as for now), and I keep on earning a lot of money there.

      Did it happen to someone else?
      Is there anyone playing SSS on pokerstars NL50+ and find it profitable?

      I just don't want to keep on playing on NL25 becuase of possible bad luck on NL50+ where I might make larger profits and earn more FPP.
      I want to hear other players' opinions and decide what's best for me.

      Guy Goren.
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    • mcneil
      Joined: 09.09.2008 Posts: 24
      SSS can be profitable up to NL200 imho. I worked my way up the limits as a SS player. My first few months was very swingy as I was just learning the discipline needed in playing as a short stack. Managed to make my starting bankroll of $50 to more than $4000 (started playing in september 2008). Currently playing NL200. I'm going for supernova elite this year playing 16-24 tables at NL200. One thing I would suggest to you is to learn to how steal and resteal profitably from NL50 and up. Also get pokertracker or elephant as you would mostly be playing against the same players (very important if you want to maximize your winnings at the higher limits)
    • alejandrosh
      Joined: 02.07.2008 Posts: 4,346
      Stealing and restealing has proven to be important on nl50 (on fulltilt , and I think is tougher than stars , but I have not played enough on stars to be 100% sure )

      My advice would be to have either a more conservative brm or play less tables or both of them. I mean playing with $300 and 16 tables can get you very sick swings in very little time.

      I'm going for supernova elite