Articles/videos for advanced learning.

    • Apollos92
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      Id like to know some good sources for leaning more advanced concepts appropiate for high-stakes games. Someone know any good books, articles or videos? I'd like mostly concrete hand examples and analysis.
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    • YohanN7
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      The classics are good. Just remember that the way the game is played has changed, with focus shifting from postflop to preflop, at least for online play. The play may also be tighter with few losing their stack with TPTK these days.

      Sklansky's and Miller's book contains the logic and mathematics of poker (this is not subject to fashion), and the bet sizing stuff is very useful. Harrington's cash game books are good too and contain many hand examples and HIS interpretation. There is one focusing on game theory (Mathematics of poker?) that is said to be good, haven't read it. Then there's Miller's book on hand reading. It looks okay, but I haven't read the whole thing.

      I don't think any book really is intended for (very) high stakes. You are on your own there.