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      Hello everyone, my name is Aurimas and at the tables you can meet me as 'badbojus' or 'MentalBitch' (at 888poker) At some poker sites my nickname is 'Kliurkis', but mostly you will find me as badbojus. I am 25 years old, i started playing poker maybe 20 years old or so, but never got deep into it, all these years i had many breaks on playing poker then coming back to tables again, now past half year or so i play poker almost every evening, i realy love playing poker! I Play realy low stakes from $1 to $5 per game (mostly Sit N Go's and tournaments), i never play simple cash games, since mostly i lose there. Now when i play poker almost every day i see i am not good player at all, so tought it's time to learn something from great players and start winning and not slowly losing all the time... I believe i had an account here very long time ago when i first started playing poker in my life, but sadly i tried to restore it with no luck so ended up with registering new one. Anyway never was here for real purposes like now. All night yesterday i red various articles and watched pretty much videos, even in one night i learned pretty much new strategies and find out that i play realy bad poker. So i am very glad i came here. I would be very happy is someone could give me some tips/links to articles/videos for player like me with such low stakes 1-5 usd tournaments and sit n go's (I can not afford more money, i work on my own and my incomes pretty low). Hmm idk what else i can say atm, please comment or ask something so i can tell you more about me. Btw i am an Lithuanian guy who lives and works in Norway. And another btw, sadly i am not able to get free cash bonuses here... I wish i could :D Peace!

      English is not my native language but i try my best, i believe u understand everything, don't judge me. Looking forward for good tips for me to start earning some extra cash even tonight! So i can buy me a candy hahaha!
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