Dealing with your "emotions"

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      Hey guys,

      (no idea why my Acc is still shown as "Basic", maby because there is no sync for playing on FT, but whatever)

      After working myself into the matter and experimenting around i started playing 15USD SnGs as i figured out they are somehwat profitable (A lot of early, fishy action boosting your equity). And yep indeed they are! I had some succes and made like 250 bucks in a few days. I tried reinvesting and lost it all, but that's not the topic. My problem is, that I realized mostly when i am loosing it is not because of bad luck, i just play... well emotionally. Somehow i do things i know i shouldn't do: Bluffing against fishes (I have seen people calling me till the river on a T8A2Q board with something like 66), or just getting impatient and making to many plays.

      Before trying again i need your help: How can i get rid of my emotional play, to not start gambling and loose money from time to time, just focusing on mathematical and precise play?!

      Many thanks for any answer in advance :)

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