Important changes to PKR's VIP Club (Effective 01 Augustus 2016)

    • Lazza61
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      Hey guys,

      Please note that there are some important changes coming up for PKR's VIP Club.

      On Monday 1 August, PKR are introducing some changes to the way the PKR Poker VIP Club works:
      VIP Points required to reach the top 3 tiers have been reduced (now up to 10 times easier to achieve Sapphire Elite, Sapphire or Platinum)
      Rewards for reaching these levels remain largely unchanged
      Cashable Points now automatically convert to Non-Cashable Points at the end of each month if not redeemed for cash before then
      As this third change comes into effect on Monday, we recommend that you redeem any Cashable Points in your account before 00:00 GMT on Monday 1 August, otherwise they will become Non-Cashable Points (which can still be used in the Tournament Lobby or Avatar Shop).

      You can read the full details of the upcoming changes in this post on the PKR Forums.
      So don't forget to cash in any cashable points before the end of each month.


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