Cash out - most profitable way?

    • StruxXx
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      I'm wondering what is the most profitable way to cash out from poker sites. I personally play on PokerStars and on my last cash out I've realized that PokerStars tends to rip you off when you're transfering money to your bank account. Since I don't use USD as my home currency and I need to convert it to my domain currency.

      Is skrill the best option? Does any1 knows exact percentages how much does PS takes on transaction fees? Same goes for Skrill.

      Thanks in advance & Cheers! :f_drink:
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    • thienimon
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      I believe any method of cashing out on PS, they take a small fee. Best I would say don't see it sample 100$ cash out but add extra $5-6$ on top. Of all the poker site, PS cashing out is the quickest.
    • ColorFlusher
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      As far as I know there's only fee if you let the currency conversion be made after the cash out. Always convert your money on PokerStars for the correct currency before if possible (EUR, GBD, CAD). Same applies to deposits.
    • Rihard4a
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      PokerStars lets you have different currency balances, i.e. EUR, USD, GBP, CAD. So you can change your USD balance to any of these, and you can select the amount to want to convert. That might save you some money. But I use Skrill, because I play on 3 sites at a time and manage all those balances in USD, so do I with Skrill despite USD not being my primary currency.
    • meandi289
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      Great, I have the same question also. I have heard that withdraw from Partypoker is free of charge. Noted to see if there is any other profitable ways to cash out
    • Lazza61
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      Hey meandi289,

      That is correct. They removed most withdrawal charges in August last year and the remainder in February. There may still be charges involved when currency conversion is involved.


    • StruxXx
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      Pokerstars offer conversion to currencies that are not my domain currency, so converting to any of these is pointless in my case.
      I wonder if conversion rate on skrill from USD to my domain currency is cheaper then on stars.
      Does any1 know the exact numbers of conversion fees? Where can I find them etc...