I have a dream!

    • kappozo
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      Hi guys, my name is Alan and I'm Brazilian. I have started to play in 2012 with friends in my city but just now I'm playing and studying the game every single day.
      So I decided to start a blog in order to keep track of all my future results and get feedback from all the members.
      I expect to make a great blog where we can both learn about the game.I think I can play very confortable NL5 and as I go learning about the game I want to make some videos and articles like mental game, focus, skills etc.
      I'm not a great a player yet but I'm sure that I can do it and I'll work very hard and I hope to make a great blog.
      Sorry about my English I'm learning English as well so be patient if you can see some gramatical errors :f_pleased: .

      So, my goals:
      - Update the blog regularly.
      - Post hands at the hand evaluation forum.
      - Play NL25 till december.

      Moving Up Plans:

      - NL10 : $350 ~ $400
      - NL16 : $560 ~ $640
      - zNL25 : $1000 ~ $1250

      Starting BR: $94,55
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    • Altairsky
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      Hi Alan! I am playing micros too, so subscribed.
      Also I am seeking for poker learning buddies to discuss theory, hands etc, so if you are interested I will drop my skype in your pm's after you will accept friend requst, or you can drop me yours. I think I have around the same skill level as you currently.
      Good luck!

      P.s: My enhlish is bad too:f_thumbsup:
    • 4s4s4s
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      hey. what are you doing? show some results maybe?