cant get into my account at titan

    • mineriva
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      hi there,

      on monday when i tried to enter my titan account it brought up a screen

      "plz change your password"

      when i put in my password and a new password either get a screen "incorrect username/password" or a screen telling me that it got no response from the server.

      yes i did have the "remeber my password" selected..

      i mailed titan 2x about the situation but i have had no response from them

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    • MightyMikke
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      I have the same problem
      tried it a few days at a row, but it won't work

      if someone has an answer, please let me know
    • bkbart
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      I had the same thing but when I changed my password it let me in. The internal error screen still pops up for a second now but it goes away and I get logged in. There was a post about a hack if you have remember password checked off.
    • Amirapuato
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      Use the "Forgot Password?" button at the bottom left of the login window.

      Titan will send you a new (random) password to your email account, and then they will ask you to change it the next time you log in. :)