Guest Bill Perkins : Poker Life Podcast

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      Interesting talk about life. You can listen like music.

      Some of points I liked:

      - its a waste of life to have too much money and not spent them and die
      - poker is just a tool to make money, but at the end the point is to be able what you want to do. I like this because some people say that you have to like something not because of money. Its not only with poker but whatever you do to make money. Its not the point to be a good card player. So same - its not a point to be a good programmer or good accountant, etc. The point is to be good so that you have money and are able to do things.

      Some things I am not sure if that is good what he says.

      had listened about 1hour 15 mins, so do not know if its whole interesting.
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