[OFFICIAL Support Thread]Partition Poker for Pokerstars

    • dezmol
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      Hello everyone, I'me Dezmol I'me french and I like to code software for poker.
      I made a new concept of tracker particularly usefull for tournament, where you must have a quicly idea of the players style with small ammount of hands.
      The tracker show the hand history of the table with a graphic like a music score.

      It is a bit hard to decode at the begining but when you are used to read it, you can't play without, specially when you have to do a hard decision.

      You can see the software at http://www.partition-poker.com

      If you don't want to download or execute anythink on your computer, you can test it online, simply upload a pokerstars history file.

      The software is compatible pokerstars US, pokerstar FR and Winamax FR .

      Happy testing !

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