Hey everybody. In 2014 I played about 1500 $1 sitngos 14.4% ROI. Then i didn't play them in 2015 so i'm a bit rusty. I switched to turbos as i want to get more games in, and i'm having some trouble (200 games - 13,70% ROI). I know this is a tiny sample and i'm also running under EV (-13 buy-ins in 214 games), but still that can't be it.

Does anybody have a big enough sample and a decent winrate and could post the finish distribution for me so i can see what to aim for and where to look for leaks.

I've calculated that with equal 1st, 2nd and 3rd finist distribution ITM% of 37.1% would be braking even. That leaves and average of 10.48% for the remaining 4th-9th place. However, ma numbers ar all higher:

1st - 12.62%
2nd - 6.07%
3rd - 12.62%
4th - 11.68%
5th - 12.21%
6th - 17.29%
7th - 11.21%
8th - 11.21%
9th - 6.07%

As you see my numbers are all higher. I've plugged some leaks for 8th and 9th place, so the numbers are going down drastically, but my 6th place percentage is disgusting.

Any thoughts / advice on that?