How to avoid meltdowns? (meaning winning a huge stack over time and losing it within a few hands)

    • RiverxPhoenix
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      I have been playing poker for only 6 months or so. I find on Pokerstars when I play in 1k buy in tournaments, I do very good and usually get up a stack around 30-40k and find myself in the top 5. Then it seems every time I get involved in 2 or 3 big pots that just totally take me down. I feel like my playing style is the same. I just don't back down when I should. Not sure what could be some good tips for me to go ahead and finish strong in the tournament. At least top 10. Thanks
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    • obamarama
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      I think your problem is that u are not adjusting to the different dynamics of the pahses you go trough playing a tournament..
      U seem to be solid at the early phase but struggle when it comes to the middle or lategame phase.. U have to adjust.
      Look at the effektive stack sizes.. while u are deep in the early phase the SPR gets way lower at the late so u should be playing differently