$75 deposit on Betonline into $1000 ONE WEEK

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      I will be challenging my current skill level on bet online poker room.

      I haven't played much online due to payout issues from US sites like Full Flush. They still owe me quite the amount after 5 months. Ive seen only one check and no bank wires. Keep ya posted on that.

      With that one check I decided to play at the more reputable (bet online) poker room. Bitcoin withdrawals etc.
      I do remember that when I played there long ago I wasn't a big fan of the RNG.. I couldn't get a feel for it, I'm sure you all can see slight differences between RNGs.. In the end I know that everything should even out, so I'm not complaining nor worried about it.

      I will be "Tankrolling" my way up the limits. Mostly cash games with an occasional tournament or HU sng session. I expect to be moving up and down very frequently unless I get lucky..

      When I say Tankrolling, I mean the AGGRESSIVE increased ROR BRM method that was posted on here about a month ago. I think its a great way to fly through the micros with minimal risk as long as I have a "Line of Defense" and the ability to move up and down as my roll reflects.

      I wanted to start this to keep myself on track and hopefully post my progress on a daily basis. I will be playing a great deal this week. Wish me luck! post whatever you might like me to answer as well as any tips or ideas you might have.

      Luckyme44:f_cool: :f_cool:
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