I am not a Nit just a opportunist NL4 to 10 then maybe 25

    • wittsy171
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      So first blog post/Journey

      I have had this PokerStrategy account for a long time but very rarely posted but I need something to keep me motivated to play poker and set some goals and stream the sessions on Twitch so I do not auto pilot.

      So been playing 2NL and 4NL on the Microgaming network, over rolled but not enough for 10nl. The aim is to become a 10NL reg..and crush it and maybe move 25nl after . My main strategy so far has been table selection, I know when I am the sucker at the table.

      I need to improve my studying away from the table and actually use PT4. I can watch videos but it never sinks , hoping to learn alot here.

      Really worth watching Kid Poker documentary on Netflix its really inspiring after a bad beat :f_biggrin:

      Roll is £140-£150 (playing in euros so its about 170 in euros?)
      28k hands played but recently changed my alias so the rest of my hands will be on another graph.

      This is one of the more eventful hands
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    • SDK1987
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      I have fixed your graph for you.
      Further I wish you all the best with improving your game on NL10 :gl:

    • Catonthemat
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      Liked the video, not sure I could of held my nerve with AAs as I always (at least it feels like it) run into sets. But glad it came off for you.

      Also agree on the Netflix documentary just watched it yesterday, he seems like a really likeable guy in general.

      Good luck on the tables and keep up the blog :D
    • 4s4s4s
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      how's going? is there a big field on microgaming?
    • wittsy171
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      Hows it going great question its been a bit car crash honestly...

      I left micro gaming because it was hard to find a +ev table and if i play in dollars my bank roll goes further, but software is solid and at peak times you have between 6k to 9k people online. Their zoom variant has a very small player pool.

      Recently bought Note Caddy for HM2 which is something i am learning to use and changed my hud. I changed the hud so its back to basics, I feel a play better without a hud because i am not influenced by stats.

      My first fish like dive into 10nl started well, but I crashed and burned because I am also trying to play more hands (this wasn't the smartest thing to do moving up stakes) I noticed a few leaks looking at the reports tab and then leakbuster, my open from the SB is 52% which is high and I can be a bit of a calling station with top pair. I dropped the tables down from 4 to 2 after some tilt and I dont tilt very easily.

      The bankroll is still healthy I do occasionally play the odd tourney and got two small cashes last night.

      No video this time, I didn't want to come across like I was justifying bad play or moaning about a loss.

      http://imgur.com/a/fBrbb (graph, the link system isnt showing the image)
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      Hello wittsy171,

      How are getting on with your journey?
      I thought you might find the following articles of interest.
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      I look forward to reading future updates and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.
      Good luck at the tables.