Buying XBOX 360 ;)

    • MarkasKR
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      OK :) Here's the thing... I just bought a SONY TV from playing poker. (I can't show you the blog I had because it's in Lithuanian). Now it's the time for xbox 360. And I hope PokerStrategy 50$ will help me to do that.

      Starting bankroll: 50$
      Poker Room: FullTilt Poker
      Poker Type: Hold'em
      What will I play?: 6-handed sit n go's or heads up games.
      Bankroll management: Having at least 60 buy-ins for any game but not moving lower than 5$ buy-in.
      FullTilt username: MarkasTheFish (If you want to see how I play on FullTilt)

      What do I want to achieve?
      To buy XBOX 360 (which costs about 500$ in my country).
      Of course to improve my game (especially working on tilting).

      Is it possible?
      Probably no just because my bankroll sucks to play 5$ buy-ins. One tilt or one downswing can lead to losing everything.

      But good luck Markas :)
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    • MarkasKR
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      First games... Tons of beats... My bankroll went down, I don't have what to show but when I next turn in the game I will try to make the copies of the most important hands that happened.

      Just played another sit n go, nothing to show, standard situations.

      So after starting very poorly, I am trying to climb up.

      Two more games... one sit n go ... one heads up game... No luck... What was wrong?

      Bankroll now: 33.9$
      FullTilt Points: 28.7
    • MarkasKR
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      FullTilt is unreal... that's why it's called TILT... flop comes A98 I have A9 ... another guy goes all in I call, he shows me QQ, the river comes a Q :D ... right...

      And when you start tilting you play like this:


      Bankroll now: 14.70$

      Note for myself: Markas, after you lose your bankroll never come back to FullTilt Poker because it's a joke.

      :D :D OMG ... stupid fat americans... :D :D

      Preflop I have 78 ... another guy raises flop comes 456 :D no flush draw... He goes all in, I call of course, and he hits running running flush ;) :D :D :D

      Out of bankroll... a big joke ;)