suited one gappers vs suited connetors

    • Apollos92
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      It differs around 1% equity between 56s and 57s against AA. But why is that? I guess it's because it's harder to make a straight with 57s, but why?
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    • Mozzek
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      Smaller the gap is, there is more possibilities how to make straight and how easy it is to do it. It´s mathematical law, I would say, I hope I´m not wrong with this mathematical saying :D

      Take it this way, you need more cards for same amount of straights as you get with less cards win no gapper.
    • YohanN7
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      It is more interesting to see how well the hands flop. A connector can flop 3 different open-ended straight draws, while a gapper can flop only 2. This is quite important as far as playbility goes. It is much better to flop a straight draw than a flush draw (because they are so obvious).
    • KrisRukov
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      the easy way to think about it (without the calculations ) is that with 75 you have 3 possible straights ( 986, 864, 643 ) but with 65 you have 4 ( 987, 874, 743, 432 ) or in other words there are more combos making your straight.

      For double gappers there are 2 ways only ( for ex. 74 has 653 and 865 ) and triple gapper has only 1 way ( ex. 73 has 654 )