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QQ and AA Pre-Flop Play Scenarios (THREE EXAMPLES)

    • georgegash
      Joined: 02.06.2016 Posts: 1
      Hello everyone,

      I have recently started to play poker again and am now taking it more seriously.

      Earlier today I was faced in this position:
      UTG - 200BB
      CO - 125 BB
      Me (MP2) - 250BB

      I have QQ

      UTG: Raises 25BB
      Hero: Call
      CO: Raises all in 125BB
      UTG: Fold
      Hero: Call
      CO show 88
      End game: 88 beats QQ with a flush on river.

      When the UTG raised, would it generally be wiser to re-raise with pocket QQ? I simply called because I had yet to UTG play many hands so was suspicious with the raise. CO on the other hand is completely loose aggressive the whole game, better, chasing, raising, etc. with mostly draws. I felt safe after UTG folded to call CO all in.
      I feel the mistake I made was not re-raising my QQ straight after UTG, I feel that CO may have folded straight after. What do you think?

      Another position:

      Hero (UTG): AA

      In this situation I ended up limping as first after blinds and had 7 callers. Already I was in a bad position. The flop of 8d9dQs did not help. However one lady shoved and I (stupidly) did contemplate how much my value decreased and acted on emotion and the fact that I just couldn't drop aces -.-. Her two pair cracks my AA.

      I can see now that I should have raised it, but the question is is how much. Assume in the scenario that everyone has roughly 60BB and you are in UTG with AA with limpers all round. Would 4BB or 5BB be a decent amount to be in? What would a 5BB bet give away too much power UTG? Of course these questions are completely subjective, but a simply general answer of what you might do in this situation would suffice! :)

      Scenario 3 (local tourney):

      This one is just simple enough. 7 runners, I am first to act with QQ.
      Stack = 35BB
      I raise 6BB
      Fold x 4
      BB Calls
      Flop: Kd10d5s
      BB Checks
      I bet 6BB
      BB Calls
      Turn: 8h
      BB Bets 12BB
      I contemplate as the players on my table have been raising, reraising with nothing (literally, nothing. This is a local tourney lets not forget!)
      I shove,
      BB calls, shows Jd5d
      Hits diamond on river. Such is life.

      Question: Should I have shoved on the Flop if I had the knowledge he did not hit the King on the flop?

      Thank you!
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    • StruxXx
      Joined: 18.12.2015 Posts: 87
      In first situation I tend not to 3bet QQ against UTG (and Im 6max player not full round), so in full round UTG's OR is really strong. I suggest not raising QQ against 17/15 reg, rather raise it against 28/21 (this player have rather loose range).
      You played it well, at the end you got sucked out. Happens.

      Second hand if I got it right you limped with AA?
      Never ever do that! Not even if you have really aggressive opponent left to you.

      PS This topic should be moved / posted in hand discussion forum