I just wrote an email to support, but maybe someone in here could help me! I`ll paste the email:

Hello Nic!

I`ve got a big problem with that crappy peace of !?$%X*+software from

First problem is, my tables are freezing all the time(avg all 2mins id
say)! Then sometimes i cant see my holecards. Sometimes i can only
see one of my holecards, and sometimes, this is the funniest part, i
can see my holecards, but the fold/raise/call buttons just disappear!
The only thing i can do is closing the table throug taskmanager by
killing the process! This is driving me crazy!
I`d appreciate to stay at ******poker because the b2b software is
really nice, and the players are more then fishy, but as I`m a kiddy
from the multitabling generation :D i cant only play at b2b!

Once again, not only that it is driving me crazy, it costs me I´d say
about 10-30 Bigblinds a day, and thats neither good for me, nor for
*******poker, because if you cant help me changing this situation, i
won`t stay at ********poker! Even if I`d really like to!

Hopefully you can help my with this Problem!



maybe someone in here knows a solution too!?