My personal bankroll challenge

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      What a great creative title, don't you think?

      Hi, how's it going. This is going to be for my journal of the upcoming bankroll challenge. I plan to go for $1000. Right now, my starting roll is $100. I don't want to cash in more because it would make everything less exciting and less of a learning experience.

      I play poker for a while now, but never that much online, so let's see. I'm also a busy man, therefore it can be that I am not always finding enough time to play, but that should be OK as far as I won't consider a career as a pro (in 2016 lol).

      Start of the Challenge:
      1st of August 2016

      End of the Challenge:
      I don't know :f_cool:

      What will be played?
      6max cash with 100bb stacks.

      Shortly about how I manage my roll:
      Will be moving down to 2NL if I get below $100.
      Will be moving up to 10NL if I succeed to reach the $300
      Will be moving up to 20NL if I get to $600.

      That's it.

      Have fun reading about my successes and mess-ups :f_drink:
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