HM2 Small Stakes Double or Nothing iPoker

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      Does anyone know if it's possible to set HM somehow, that it would be tracking DoNs in iPoker? Because everything it's showing right now is -100$ ITM, shows that they're 3 handed, and my finishing position is "0" :) And of course it's ruining my winnings :D on paper, but still :D
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    • Ovalman
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      Try right clicking on a game and assign a tournament tag to it. If there isn't on or it doesn't work, create one of your own.

      I'm HEM2 small stakes as well although don't play this format. HEM2 seems to have a lot of trouble with I-Poker. My HUD doesn't always work and/ or doesn't attach itself to new tables. I've also realised for the rebuy tourney I play it doesn't remember my bust out hands when I rebuy, this meant I thought I was getting lucky all the time and thought it was bad play on my part when in reality variance was just right. It could have caused me to change my game for the worse if I didn't realise.

      Edit: You can select several games at once to assign the tag.
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      IPoker Dons are an open issue. Best is if you contact us via support ticket on our homepage and attach the original handhistories (zipped) and log file c:\users\yourname\appdata\roaming\holdemmanager\log.txt and add some screenshots showing the wrong results.

      In general Ipoker is very difficult at the moment. The skins use different client versions with different handhistory formats. So its a guessing game for the developers.