beating rake

    • mishuq
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      I'm playing NL 10 on titan and rake is raping my @ss

      I don't have huge upswings and each and every downswing brings me down to my original BR or below both mainly because of the rake

      daily routine: I get to + 20 BB / 100 hands in a 1k hands session, then I notice I (sometimes) won 3-4 $ because everything else went to the rake, I go insane, take a half day break, play another session, get to -10 BB/100 hands and then start all over again the next day

      I know some of you will say I should deposit more money so that I can get over the micro limits but I read a lot of articles, posts and threads, seen a lot of videos and attended to coachings and I still have a little bit of hope left about building my BR with SSS (even when starting on NL 10)

      any advice?
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    • adr0001
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      Titan is the worst option if you are a SSS player. There a lot of shortstackers there and you want to play with players with a normal stack. Also, IMO, you can't use basic SSS at those very tight tables from Titan. I think the problem is your low winrate, not the rake. Rake is normal at Titan, 5%.
    • TribunCaesar
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      Yep, the winrate is the main problem. Try to get better and avoid costly mistakes. Get a little upswing and you are over Nl10 ;)

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