Are MTT's soft?

    • SPNB7771
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      MTT's are anything but soft. You have to be right on top of your game, to clear $40G in a year playing $8 180 SNG's. Developing a good feel for the game it terms of tournament play has to happen first. Learning to play more than one table at a time would be very helpful as well. There's a learning curve here that one should master first. This is nothing but soft until your level of play, ability to play 4 or more tables at the same time, and lifestyle balance off the tables is top notch!
      Don't go putting the cart before the horse. Develope your game, learn to play more than one MTT at a time, eat right, exercise, study and watch videos, come up with a tilt profile for yourself and be ready to battle tilt when your play starts slipping.
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