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To be or not to be

    • worldtour
      Joined: 27.04.2016 Posts: 19

      I'm 23 years old and I've been playing poker for the last couple of years - been my main source of income. As everyone here's probably aware, the online scene isn't exactly at its peak, so for the last 2 years it's been more of a struggle then enjoying what I do. My work ethic is not the best either, as well as my mindset. Currently I'm at the point where I'd have to decide whether to keep on playing full-time or move on.

      The point of creating this blog is to track my daily routine and use my time wisely. I always have the feeling that I haven't done anything for the day, while sometimes true, other times it's just lack of concentration and clear plan. That's always been one of the toughest things with poker for me, even when I was doing pretty good - poor scheduling, even if I have good routine and put in good monthly volume, it's at the expense of lacking any fun in what I do and making the game too much of a grind. Now, I realize that while it's essential for one to be disciplined and have professional-approach in order to have success in poker, being too extreme about it is even more harmful then the occasional tilt. It's a game after all and it's supposed to be fun.

      So, I've decided that until the end of this month, I will just have a try with making a schedule every day and tick the boxes. While I'm sure I can beat the games, I'm not sure whether I can deal with the mental aspect of the game anymore - the fatigue of being in front of the computer for extended periods of times, having to stay up till early hours for game selection (which I don't do right now, i'm playing only during the day), well... just about everything, which might be the result of my approach being wrong or it's just not my thing anymore.

      So I'm playing spins at $3/$7. Will not be posting graphs daily and focus on getting the volume, as I really need to have some fun in what I do and leave the money part somewhere aside for now.

      Today's goals:

      1. Play 150 games in 5x30 blocks, with at least 10 minutes of rest between the sessions
      2. Get to page 130 of the book I'm reading
      3. Do 30 kms on my bike
      4. Mow the grass
      5. Clean the kitchen

      So if I do these things today, I will consider it pretty successful.

      Let's go
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    • SDK1987
      Joined: 12.11.2008 Posts: 39,650
      Hello worldtour

      It’s nice to see that you started a blog. What kind of games are you planning to play or you play still Spin & Go’s like in your first blog?

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      It looks like your still a basic member and then you can use 1 or more of our free money offers on poker rooms you don’t have an account yet. If you are bronze member you can post pictures without help.

      Further I wish you all the best with your new blog and good luck with improving your game :gl:

      Best regards,
    • worldtour
      Joined: 27.04.2016 Posts: 19
      Hi, thanks :)

      Yes, I'm playing Spins.

      I will take the opportunity to become a Bronze member next time I'm looking for a new room.

      Just did first 30 games for today. Going to have a breakfast now and do another session.
    • worldtour
      Joined: 27.04.2016 Posts: 19
      Originally posted by worldtour

      1. Play 150 games in 5x30 blocks, with at least 10 minutes of rest between the sessions - Done
      2. Get to page 130 of the book I'm reading - Done
      3. Do 30 kms on my bike - Done
      4. Mow the grass - Not done
      5. Clean the kitchen - Not done

      So if I do these things today, I will consider it pretty successful.

      Let's go
      Was kind of busy, so I postponed the update a bit... :f_biggrin: But ye, I did the 3 most important things that day, so it was successful.

      I would like to be a bit more consistent and serious about blogging, so here I go with another attempt. The goal is to obviously try and use this place as an organizer in a way, as a tool that is going to help me track my daily routine. Since this last post, I learned a few things about Spins and try to use this knowledge on the tables.

      I am playing $1/$3 Spin&Go at the moment. Usually I start to play around 10 am and try to finish with the games at around 5-6 pm. Had some other tasks today, so I am going to try and put 100 games (my daily min) in next few hours.

      This time I really aim to update regularly and track my stuff. I tried a couple of interesting things this past week, like do 30 mins sessions using a timer, write down how I felt after some tough variance, write down my thoughts when I felt tilted/upset/just overall negative mindset and find the causes. Those things might be really cliche and so, but they do help a lot. We often ignore (and I really do it very often) simple things, because - "alright, putting down my thoughts on paper is going to do wonders, ye, right! lmao". And ye, it's not like those things are going to change the world for us, but they would definitely not hurt us, sometimes I ask myself why do I lack the motivation to try more of those simple, small things around, but prefer to ignore them and go through the mess of thoughts in my head. So yeah, there are some things that I'm trying lately, just to help me improve my general approach towards everything, be more positive, motivated, willing to experiment and so on. Lots of poker players these days use such self-improvement techniques, so I'm having a go with it myself.

      So yeah, these are the things I've been up to. I want to remind myself to track my things and just take those moments to look at myself from aside, just observe my thoughts and "guide" my mindset in positive direction.

    • worldtour
      Joined: 27.04.2016 Posts: 19

      So, I played only 49 games yesterday. Main reason was that I started playing really late (4:55 pm), and I'm not used to playing at night lately. On top of it I'm on an extensive downswing for the last 1K games (run bad for some part, kind of unlucky in bigger multipliers and so on), so I do my best to avoid adding extra pressure. My ChipEV/tourney for those 1K games is 67 and 36.80% ITM. It's mostly $3, and like 300 games of $1/$7 combined. I feel like I'm playing good enough to beat the field, so I'm not going to look for things to improve right now, but put my efforts in executing my game plan with as much discipline as possible and play more games.

      The plan for today is:

      it's just past 9 am, so in the next 3 hours I'm going to try and spend 2 hours playing. I'd like to have played near 100 games by 3 pm, so I can end up the day "on time" and have some rest. The volume goal for today is 150 games.

      Have a good day =)
    • worldtour
      Joined: 27.04.2016 Posts: 19
      Hello =)

      Played 100 games yesterday. First session started at 10:38 AM and finished the last 6 games just a few minutes before 8 PM. The two key reasons for not playing more:
      1. Bad run kept chasing me for the most part. This time I was simply running awful in terms of card distribution, most games were going to late game 3 handed, which surely increases the length of the games by quite a bit and brings a ton of variance. Was down another 15 buy-ins after the first 50-60 games, which after a week of losing every day obviously made it very tough to remain focused and do my best.

      2. I was not ready to deal with the scenario from point 1. There was this feeling I am "due" for a heater and I was hoping to just breeze through the games and enjoy a winning day with decent volume. This is result-oriented thinking that is one of the worst things one can do when it comes to approach towards the game.

      The positives are that I kept tracking for how long I'm playing each session, so every time I got past the 30 mins mark I was taking a break. This kept me tilt-free throughout a day that started out very tough, but ended up +2 BIs. I missed to track the last 2 sessions, but in total I spent about 4 hours playing.

      Now I'm going to try a new approach regarding the volume. I will increase the volume gradually for the next few days, until I "built up" to 150 games. The plan is:

      Tuesday: 110 games
      Wednesday: 130 games
      Thursday: 120 games
      Friday: 130 games
      Saturday: 150 games
      Sunday: 100 games

      The idea behind this plan is to keep me motivated, so the last day of the week will require me to put the smallest amount of games, something like the "reward".

      Another thing I'm going to experiment with is increase my average session length a bit. I'm playing 30 mins sessions right now, but today I will try to start like this:
      1st session: 20 mins (warm-up)
      2nd session: 30 mins
      3rd session: 45 mins
      All remaining: as usual, 30 mins, if I'm okay with the 45 or even more, then do it.

      That's the plan for today. Good luck everyone and have a good day =)
    • metalmonkey80
      Joined: 15.08.2013 Posts: 2,797
      Hello worldtour,

      Great start to your blog and I look forward to reading future updates :f_thumbsup:

      I have one question. Have you cleaned the kitchen and mowed the grass yet? :f_drink: