Doubled my Starting Capital

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      Hi guys,

      Just wanted to make my first milestone brag post!

      I received my starting capital about a week ago and have been playing a Modified/Advanced SSS strategy combining what I've learnt from the articles, videos, forums, and my own prior poker experience at the NL10 tables.

      I usually play many, many hours every day, however I only 1-table since my playing style takes advantage of the reads I get on my opponents. Plus I have a live poker background so I'm sure I'd be confused if I have a gazillion tables open like some of the pro's on this site! :P

      Initially I had quite a big downswing and was down to around ~$35, however I had quite a healthy upswing following that. Then, a few days ago, I had a huge downswing as I wasn't able to get past the $90 level and fell to around $70 when I was getting coolered left, right and center. I remember one hand where I flopped Kings full and villain hit quads, hah! Anyway, after the gloom another upswing followed and as of right now I have doubled my starting capital :D

      I've realised that SSS is very swingy however I'm following Poker Strategy's Bankroll Management Guidelines to the tee so after a downswing I usually call it quits for the day and then come back later. I'm confident that if I follow this regime my account will continue to grow :D

      As a sidenote, I've also managed to reach silver status, giving me access to more content! Yay! I've also cleared about 50% of the additional $50 bonus! =)

      I'm happy with the progress I've made thus far. My goals as of now are:
      1. Double this --> $200.
      2. Clear the $50 bonus.
      3. Contribute to this forum more regularly (I've been reading a lot but this is my 1st post).
      4. Reach Gold status.

      Will keep you guys updated on my progress, apologises if this post was too long,

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