Help me understanding variance a little bit better

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      Some about myself;

      I've been playing poker now for about a year, but really I have been understanding poker for about half a year. I've developed so muched and acctully been able to grind a roll for my first time (20NL roll).

      Now to my problem.

      I'm a kind of forgiving player. I don't tilt that often and I have 30BI rule which I think is great for me. Though, i'm going threw some really enoying things which never happend to me before in such a long period for me. For one week, i've been losing buy-ins when i'm ahead so many times which is mentally hard. I have been sucked out so many times with the best hand that I really don't understand what i'm going threw. Just now when i'm writing this I just lost 1BI with my overpair to river two pair.

      Now don't get me wrong. I do know that variance is a big aspect in poker, and i'm probably just in a downswing, but this week has taken a lot of my bankroll and it has been swingy like hell.

      Is it normal that it will just get over for some thousand hands so I can mentally feel good about my game again, or is it normal for downswings to stay for months? I have been going down to 10NL and I am playing 6-max so I know it's more swingy, but this week has been totally sick and nothing I've ever been threw.

      I'm thankful for all support I can get and trips & trix to get threw downswings.
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