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    • Sebtores
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      Jon from iceland, played for years but never took the time to really learn the game untill a few months ago. Bin playing in live tourneys for about 2 months, mostly dead money untill about 2 weeks ago when I won finally and now I´m allmost allways on the final table (3-4 tables in these tourneys). Finally found something really fun to do that can be done whenever I feel like it. A game is allways open 24/7 if you know where to look for it, even here in Iceland ;)
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    • Hlynkinn
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      Nei bleeee

      menn bara ferskir eða?

      but meh... Not nearly enough of live poker action here in iceland :)
    • EagleStar88
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      Good to have you on board Jon, welcome to PokerStrategy.

      See that you've already met up with Hlynkinn, a highly skilled and respected player on here. He like us all are friendly and try to help each others games.

      Look forward to seeing you active in the forums.

      Good luck,