so I recently got back to playing poker and just finished reading Kill Everyone last week. Even though the book is very interesting I just got more questions now than before. At the moment im playing the low buy-in 180er turbos on pokerstars and I'm now searching for the poker software that is best suited for these kind of tournaments. I want to review my Handhistory and learn from it. At the moment I'm using sng-wizard (trial version) for that, but I couldn't really figure out how and whether I can use my HUD stats from Pokertracker 4 on these reviews. I've read in another forum that it's only possible with the Holdem Manager to "load" your HUD stats into sng wizard with the handhistory. Are there any other tools, maybe the ICMizer2 or the hold'em ressources calculator that are better suited for that job? Can they get the stats from Pokertracker 4?

Using the sng wizard I could choose between ChipEV and ICM as calculation methods. I used ChipEV first on my HH and once I got close to the bubble I switched over to ICM. Is that the right approach ? Is there a good "rule of thumb" when to use which calculation method?

I'm only using trial versions for now (Pokertracker 4 & sngwizard). Therefore it would be no problem for me to switch over to other softwares. I'm also willing to spend some money on the tools if they seem to be worth it.
Long story short: Which is/are the best poker tool(s) for me?

I know I'm asking a lot of questions all at once, still I hope someone can help me!