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      Hi everyone,

      can someone tell me how exactly the C Net Adjusted is calculated? For instance in September I should have won ~22 Buy-Ins but have actually lost ~6 Buy-Ins. Is the calculation an average of the equity I had in a single SnG? And is it possible to gain information about some leaks in my game by the use of the C Net Adjusted?

      Thanks in advance!
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    • la55i
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      Hi Mooharius,

      First I want to say that I know nothing about tournaments or PT4 but I did some Googling and found these two for you.

      Your net adjusted results are based on the ICM calculations for all of your all-in hands throughout the tournament. There can be some cases where getting all-in is a negative ICM play even if you turn out to be ahead.
      "My C Net Adjusted" is your expected winnings based on the difference between in ICM values between your actual chip stack at the end of a hand and the all-in equity adjusted chip stack you "should have had" at the end of the hand; for all all-in hands in a tournament. This calculation uses every all-in hand in a STT and final table hands from MTTs where we know the complete payout structure.
      Also someone said that it is quite useless stat...

      I hope someone with better knowledge will answer you :f_thumbsup:

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      We have a guide here which goes into how equity is calculated in PokerTracker 4:

      Guide: All-In Equity

      To see how this applies to your tournaments results you would want to take a look at this guide:

      Guide: Net Adjusted Winnings Graphs

      If you have any further questions just let us know.

      - Rob