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SithJarr Smart Spinning

    • SithJarr
      Joined: 08.12.2008 Posts: 4
      Few words about me:

      I am playing poker as a hobby since it is available in Poland (my first account was created because I saw a poker room advertising in printed newspaper). I used the adjective „hobby”, but it isn't a whole truth. I always had some dreams and plans to treat poker more seriously and became although a semi pro poker player, however I did nothing to improve my game during all those years - I had always a ton of excuses - job, family, parties etc. I was clicking buttons, I had some irregular, small income from tables, however it is not worth to mention it. Three years ago I took up a sport betting - and it was very good decision, now it is my main source of income. However old love never dies, few months ago I installed poker software back and I was a bit confused, because my favorite HU SnG games became much less popular, eurorooms died, at PS cartels were protecting their lobbies. There was no place for ambitious, recreational player. Those days I first time thought about joining SmartSpin, but I was a bit worry it would be to difficult for me. After watching few IJustGamble stream on Twitch (especialy the one he was throwing the money with Banis :P ), I decided to try playing required 500 games. Four nights of 4-tabling - and my application was ready. After next few days I became a member of this Mythical Association of Poker Warriors :p

      The way from 3$ to 7$ was almost as quick, as the way from 7$ to 3$… But i tried again, and after playing additional 1000 games at 3$ stakes, I became again the 7$ player. And this is what this blog is about - about reaching highstakes without loosing other aspects of live.

      Why I need this blog?

      Hmm, because I am damn lazy and unorganized. I am working by fits and stars and after really hard, good work, I have periods of doing nothing. And the last period was terrible long.
      Now my most important activities are
      my company
      sport betting
      playing poker as semi-pro

      Sport betting and poker are also my hobbies, so it would quite easy to increase the time I spend on it, however I am a bit bored with my company - but it has passed over 12 years since I launched it and it is important for me to run it - it is something real, not virtual. I have two kids - and it is also better if they can answer that „Daddy has an online store, than he plays card for money”.

      Now my live is like the joke about builders:
      „John, why you are running with empty barrow? We have so much work to do, that I have no time to load it!”

      I am playing whole nights (from 23 till 3), but PT4 showed only 1-2 hours a day, so I play ineffective. I am sleeping till 11 (with short break to drive children to school), I am in my company about noon, but I don’t have energy to work. I am back at 6 p.m, i am sitting in front of computer and.. I am doing nothing. But I have some areas, when I have really good progress - I gain 30 kg during last year! Yeah.

      To sum up - I will try to change my habits and to prove, that it is possible to reconcile all responsibilities, while having time for training, cooking and kids.

      How to start?

      My first plan was to change all my live! Wake up on 5 o clock, plan my day every single minute, buy few books about GTD, time planning, productivity (hmm, I bought few during my last huge change, i have to find them, they are pure new). I was always thinking about purchasing few best application for time planning. The next good idea is to by new macbook and iPhone - ale „productivity blogers” has pictures with apple devices. But I talked with well organized poker friend (thx Tommko-x), and I will try different way - small steps, step-by-step to the Mount Everest of Productivity. I have really, really a ton of work to do, but it is said, that „every journey begins with the first step, so… I have just started.

      My day plan for next two days

      Wake up at 7 a.m.
      Prepare food for the whole day (i will eat clean, maybe I try to catch some pokemon without fake gps)
      At 8 A.M i am starting 3 sessions of Spins (before 1st one warmup, 5 minute breaks between sessions
      10-17 - working… but working, not (s)eating at work!!!!!
      17-18.30 - training… but training, not talking in the gym!!!!
      18.30-21 - time for kids
      21-22.30 - two poker sessions
      23-7 - blissful, uninterrupted sleeping

      Of course I will have to change it a bit during week, but I would like to have fixed hours of sleeping

      I don’t have any volume plan to do this month (I had two - poker and weight), however after 22 days I realized 33% of planned poker volume and -33% of planned weight loss…

      Wish my good luck :f_drink:
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